Have you ever noticed that lighting a candle sets the perfect mood, no matter how crazy the day was? 

Somehow, finding the right candle to create the near-perfect ambiance to your space requires a little more time than you have to offer. And we’ve all been there…. scouring through aisles of candles, grabbing the cutest jar only to find out it smells really bad. Don’t you hate that? 

Luckily for our bin buddies, we’ve spent a year doing the trial-and-error for you. Testing multiple fragrances, wax blends, and wicks to create the perfect batch of candles that not only look great, but feels like a moment — your moment

Our ‘Core Collection’ transforms your space with seven staple scents that guarantees balance. And don’t we all need balance – even in the smallest forms? The Aroma Bin is composed of affordable products and clean burns. Each item is made with a comforting blend of coconut, vegetable wax and phthalate-free fragrance oils — how’s that for balance? 


Hi guys, so thrilled to e-meet you!

If you were to ask me why I decided to create a candle line, the answer would be simple. I genuinely enjoy helping people feel their best. So, fast forward a year later and here we are — creating personal, heartwarming gifts for everyone who shops with me. 

My passion behind the brand sparked from my Saturday morning self-care rituals. Between balancing everyday duties of mom/work life, Saturdays quickly became “my day”. Lighting a candle, pouring a glass of wine and sliding into a warm bubble bath while your favorite playlist softly plays in the background? Unmatched! 

I wanted everyone to feel calmness, even if it was just for a second before life hit the play button and the chaos resumes. Each time you light your candle, I hope you find comfort knowing that it’s especially hand-crafted and poured by me. So, here’s to unlocking special moments, together!

With Love